Getting Stuff Done – Personal Development Boot Camp

Motivation to do things is a problem that many of us face. Whether it be to do the housework, your coursework or any other productive task, procrastination is a massive issue. But procrastination can be overcome. Just like with any other personal challenge, although there is no simple answer, you must build a solution that works for you.This course will explore various time management and organisational tools and techniques, so you can build a customised productivity plan for your personal and professional life. By the end of the program, you will have a specialised plan that works for you.

Key Learning Points

Identify what personal efficiency is, what skillsets can improve your personal productivity, and what attitudes we should cultivateExplain why multi-tasking is a mythDescribe what role long-term goals play in short-term efficiencyShare a personal vision and develop dreams and goals from itApply the 80/20 rule and learn how it should affect planningIdentify the characteristics of a good organisational systemDevelop a plan for an efficient workplace, including a customised information centre and a filing systemApply a system that will allow you to process any type of information that crosses your desk, including email, electronic files and documents, paper files, voicemail, texts, and visitorsUse the Eisenhower principles to prioritise workSay noUse routines to simplify your lifeUnderstand why you procrastinate and develop methods for tackling tasksApply ideas and tools to make your household more productive and efficient

Advatnages of this course

Build a personal, customised plan to help boost productivity.Become more productive both at home and in the workplace.Implement your plan as soon as you finish the courseBuild on your knowledge of the course with recommended extracurricular reading resources