Logical Thinking (Classroom/Online)


This course is filled with lots of practical and proven strategies to help you to manage your mind more effectively so that you can better manage the impact that stress has on your performance. From our work in elite sport, we know that people have a tendency to revert to certain patterns of thinking and behaviour. By recognising these patterns and putting in place strategies before the train comes off the track, we can start to manage stress in a more proactive manner. High performers can ultimately focus on what they need to focus on, whilst there are numerous stressors competing for their attention. This is a psychological skill. People who can manage their mind more effectively have been shown to perform more consistently.  For more information on how you can learn these skills get in touch to find out more information.

Bespoke training : Classroom/online

This is a tailor-made professional training course for groups custom designed to meet your organisation’s needs.