Performance Development and its Role in Achieving Excellence


Learning Objectives

  • To familiarize participants with the concept and importance of performance development and its role in achieving excellence.
  • Identify the requirements of performance development: concepts and requirements, elements and ingredients.
  • Understand the dimensions of the process of measuring and developing the formulation of action plans for improving performance in organizations.
  •  Identify the criteria used in the formulation of work strategic plans for the development of performance.
  • Enable participants to use the different methods and tools of performance development.
  • Develop the skills of using the quantitative methods and realize their role in achieving excellence.
  • Enable participants to formulate strategies to enhance the performance to improve productivity and achieve excellence.
  • Identify the ways of developing the individual and institutional performance.
  • Develop the skills of using performance indicators and measures.
  • Enable participants to use computer information systems in developing action plans to improve performance productivity.
  • Provide the participants with the skills of designing surveys to measure and improve productivity.
  • Enable participants to implement and design measurement and evaluation plans to improve productivity and performance.
  • Identify the factors and constraints of performance development and how to deal with preventively and remedially.